Programs and Services

Sharsheret's programs are open to all women and men.

The Link Program®

Peer Support Network, connecting women newly diagnosed or at high risk of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer one-on-one with others who share similar diagnoses and experiences

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer find it helpful to speak with other cancer survivors and hear firsthand about their experiences. Whether you are at risk for breast cancer or ovarian cancer, are newly diagnosed, or are a cancer survivor you can speak with other women who share your experience in our national Peer Support Network. You can also share your own experience by becoming a Sharsheret “Link”, a peer supporter, and enjoy the rewarding experience of supporting other women across the country. Our confidential “Links” connect over the phone and through email, and offer invaluable friendship and support. Meet other Sharsheret peer supporters and hear their stories in this video

EmbraceTM, supporting women living with advanced breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer

Women living with advanced breast cancer and recurrent ovarian cancer can find the specialized support through the Embrace program. Join our phone-based support group and connect with other women living with advanced breast cancer. Our Embrace support group also offers a monthly teleconference series featuring medical experts and professionals who discuss important topics, including communication with your medical team, managing side effects, and navigating family issues. You can also speak one-on-one with our support staff by phone for support and guidance on how to address your unique issues and concerns living with advanced cancer and our genetic counselor about your family history, concerns about cancer risk, and the implications of genetic testing for you and your family.

Genetics for Life®addressing hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer

If you have a strong family history of cancer, have considered genetic counseling for you or your children, or have opted for genetic testing, our Genetics for Life program can help. Through this program you can speak one-on-one with our experienced genetic counselor about your family history, concerns about cancer risk, and the implications of genetics for you and your family.

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Thriving Again®providing individualized support, education, and survivorship navigation for breast cancer survivors.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer are confused about the term “survivor,” and with good reason—there are many definitions. Some will say you are a survivor at the time you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Others will say it’s the last day of active treatment. For many women, survivorship is a mindset, the time at which you view yourself as a survivor of the disease. Learn more about survivorship, create your personalized survivorship care plan, and customize your free survivorship kit with Thriving Again. Each survivorship kit includes tailored resources that speak to your unique needs, a survivorship care plan with instructions on how to complete it with your medical team, your choice of fitness DVD, and healthy living cookbook.

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Busy Box®for young parents facing cancer

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer are parents seeking resources to help them address the needs of their children during diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment.  Learn how to guide your children through the cancer journey with the Sharsheret Busy Box. Each Busy Box includes resource materials and a video to educate parents about the impact of breast cancer on children.  The Busy Box also features a starter kit of games and activities to occupy your children while you are at the doctor or resting after treatment. Join The Busy Box Program »

Best Face Forward®, addressing the cosmetic side effects of treatment

Many women calling Sharsheret for support seek help to address the cosmetic side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Learn how to address these side effects with our Best Face Forward Kit. The kit, mailed directly to you, includes make-up products for all skin tones, easy-to-follow make-up application instructions, and tips for those facing hair loss and changes in skin tone.

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Sharsheret SupportsTM, developing local support groups and programs

Sharsheret leads the national Jewish response to breast cancer and ovarian cancer by working with community liaisons and Jewish and cancer organizations across the country to create and enhance culturally-relevant local breast cancer programs, support services, resources, and events.  With our Sharsheret Supports program we can help you develop programs tailored to the needs of your community, provide training and guidance to create a local cancer support group, and connect you with dozens of other Sharsheret Supports partners across the country. 

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Family Focus®, providing resources and support for caregivers and family members

We understand that breast cancer and ovarian cancer are diseases that affect the entire Jewish family and community —our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, friends and colleagues.  From the time you hear that your wife, partner, daughter, sister, mother, or friend has been diagnosed, you may be overwhelmed with a rush of feelings and the flood of information available to you.  Let our Family Focus program help you support your loved one. Request a free caregiver information packet that includes resources from Sharsheret and other cancer organizations to help you understand the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and the support options available to you. Call our staff with your questions and concerns.

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Ovarian Cancer Program, tailored resources and support for young Jewish women and families facing ovarian cancer

Whether you are living with early or later stage ovarian cancer, we can connect you to specialized support and resources. 

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Education and Outreach Programs

Health Care Symposia, on issues unique to younger women facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer

Sharsheret hosts local outreach events and national Health Care Symposia via teleconference and webinar. The symposia address the unique issues of Jewish women facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer, including talking to your children about cancer, genetics, and survivorship. Access audio tapings and written transcripts of all of our Health Care Symposia »

Sharsheret on CampusTMoutreach to students on campus

Students on hundreds of campuses across the country are joining the Sharsheret on Campus program developing events and programs to raise awareness about breast health and breast cancer in Jewish families.  Learn more about bringing Sharsheret to your campus and coordinating and participating in breast cancer awareness events at your school.

Sharsheret Educational Resource Booklet Series, culturally-relevant publications for Jewish women, their families, and health care professionals.