In Your Words

Hear from the women and families of Sharsheret as they share their feelings about participating in our national programs.

"Sharsheret has been the missing link for me, a Jewish woman with breast cancer in the heart of the Midwest. Thank you Sharsheret for your great work, and thank you to all my ‘links’."

"Continue with your exceptional work of making women who face the challenge of breast cancer feel heard and cared for!"

"The very best thing about Sharsheret is knowing there is always someone to turn to who will listen and who knows what you are going through because they, too, have gone through it."

"When my mother was fighting her battle with breast cancer, Sharsheret was the first place we turned. The women there are sure proof of the power of ordinary people. No question, they helped my entire family through an incredibly difficult time."

“There is no other organization which puts so much thought and care into their resources. It’s amazing.”

“Sharsheret just understood me as a person. They understood me as an individual. It felt tailor-made.”

“They had all the time in the world for me. They still have all the time in the world for me.”

“Whatever I wanted to talk about, that’s what we talked about, but they always got me back on track.”

“I looked around and thought I don’t have anyone who’s like me. And Sharsheret was a place where I did.”

“I didn’t have to explain myself. It was like coming home. Sharsheret was a touchstone—everything I was saying: I was understood and I was cared for. I was loved.”