Tips for Hosting Have The Talk

Host Have The Talk on your campus and raise awareness about breast cancer and ovarian cancer as Jewish issues, encourage your peers to learn their family medical history, and educate them on the appropriate steps to remain vigilant about their health.

  1. Designate a chair/s (include yourself!), form a committee of 3-5 friends, and recruit volunteers to help you spread the word.
  2. Choose a target date for Have The Talk Day when your peers will pledge online to have “The Talk” with their parents.
  3. Coordinate and schedule an event to promote Have The Talk.  It can be a table in the student center to promote Have The Talk or you can incorporate it into larger campus event.  Make sure your event does not conflict with other campus programs.
  4. Confirm that your space has audio/visual capabilities to show a Sharsheret video and allow students to take the pledge on Facebook using your laptop.
  5. Order Have The Talk materials - brochures, posters, educational resources, and great giveaways to distribute to your peers.
  6. Hang Have The Talk posters in dorms, student centers, gyms, cafeterias, and health centers. Distribute Have The Talk brochures everywhere you go!
  7. Set a schedule of volunteers to “man your table” to recruit students to pledge.
  8. On Have The Talk Day:
        a. Decorate your event space in pink.
        b. Distribute  Have The Talk brochures
        c. Encourage students to Pledge now and reward them with our exclusive Have The Talk giveaway.
        d. Post on your Facebook page and Twitter that you pledged and encourage others to do the same.
  9. Take pictures of yourself in action to capture the day’s events.
  10. Report back and remember to send us your photos.  We will post them on our Flickr page to share with thousands of students across the country.

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