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At The Finish Line . . . And Beyond: A Message For Team Sharsheret Triathletes

Just two more days until we hit the West Side Highway, the Hudson, and Central Park for the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon. Months of training, awareness-raising, and fundraising will culminate at the finish line. You’ve accomplished so much already – and our work together has only just begun! As Team Sharsheret athletes, you have become ambassadors for the work that we do – supporting families, educating communities, enhancing the care that medical providers offer their young cancer patients.

This year, we debuted a short film, “It Takes a Team”, that features our incredible athletes. Although it may not really take a team to finish the triathlon, it certainly does take a team to do all that Sharsheret does. We reach more women because of the awareness you raise. We launch more programs because of the funds you raise. Sharsheret is the product of all of our efforts.

So when you cross that finish line on Sunday, we’ll be cheering you on – for what you’ve accomplished already, and for what we will continue to do together in the months and years ahead!

Have a great race!



Thank You For Sharing Our Worldwide Message

Good Luck To Team Sharsheret Athletes Participating In Races This March!

Dear Athletes,

Tomorrow, two of you - our incredible athletes - will compete in the Jerusalem Marathon, marking Team Sharsheret’s participation for the first time in the Israel race.  This very same week, we’ll cheer another 22 of you - our Half-Marathon athletes - to the finish line in New York City.  Sharsheret has gone global, with supporters and athletes heralding from more than 12 countries, and participation in two international competitions in just one month.

Breast cancer is a Jewish community issue worldwide, with 1 in 40 Jews of Ashkenazi descent carrying a gene mutation that may increase the likelihood of developing hereditary breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and related cancers.  You carry that critical message with you as you race in support of Jewish women and families this week.  Your hot pink Team Sharsheret gear is not just a show stopper – it’s the show itself, a display of solidarity with our community of families at risk of or diagnosed with a disease that touches virtually every Jewish family.

This year, ours is a global message – one that will make its way around the walls of Jerusalem and through the streets of the Big Apple.  With your support, and the critical dollars you’ve raised, we’ll continue to carry the message near and far.  And in the years ahead, we know that wherever in the world you may walk or run, you’ll be sharing Sharsheret with those whose lives you touch.

With deep gratitude,

You Won't Know If You Can Until You "Tri"



Are you an aspiring athlete and dream of completing a triathlon, or an experienced athlete who didn't get a slot in the lottery?  

Join Team Sharsheret at the New York City Triathlon on July 8th for the most meaningful competitive experience of a lifetime!  We have individual and relay slots so you can train and race with friends.  We'll even fly you to NY for the race if you live outside of the NY metropolitan area.   

As a member of Team Sharsheret, you'll receive: 

  • Race gear
  • Coaching
  • Training courses in the NY metropolitan area
  • Virtual training for athletes outside of the NY metropolitan area
  • Personal fundraising page 

Our training program starts on March 16th - e-mail for more information and to join Team Sharsheret today!

We think you're our next athlete

"I am proud to run this marathon with Team Sharsheret in honor of those who continue to fight their battle against breast cancer."

- Renana Silverman
  Team Sharsheret 2011 ING NYC Marathon

Do you love working out and want to challenge yourself but don't know where to start?  Are you an aspiring athlete and dream of completing a race, or an experienced athlete who didn't get a slot in a race lottery?  Join Team Sharsheret at one of these upcoming races:

As a member of Team Sharsheret, you'll receive:

  • Race gear
  • Coaching
  • Training courses in the NY metropolitan area 
  • Virtual training for athletes outside of the NY metropolitan area 

We'll also help you design your personal website page for family and friends, and share tips for meeting your personal fundraising goals.  With a dedicated staff member on hand, Sharsheret will help you make this the most meaningful competitive experience of a lifetime. Get started on your wish list and e-mail for more information and to join Team Sharsheret today!

Unexpected Twists in the Road – A Message for Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon

You’ve been training for months – some of you with Coach Moe, some of you in pairs, others going at it solo.  You found a routine – the time of day you prefer to run, the gear you wear, the route you take.  You set a course and began to feel prepared.  And then, in the middle of October, it snowed.  The power went out in some towns.  The streets were littered with fallen trees.  It became too dark to run in the evening without street lights.  The gear you wore seemed inadequate in freezing temperatures.  The route you ran was blocked off for repairs.

More than any other Team Sharsheret, this year’s ING NYC Marathon team has faced lots of unexpected twists in the road to Sunday’s race.  For some, it was natural disaster, like the storm that hit us last week.  For others, it was physical disaster – twisted ankles and pulled muscles.  But on Sunday, you will all find a way to the finish line.  The determination and strength you have shown us mirrors the determination and strength we see every day in the women and families of Sharsheret.  Young lives may have veered from their normal, healthy, paths – but in the end, our Sharsheret families find their way to the finish line with the very grace we have come to expect from all of you.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness of Sharsheret’s 11 national programs.  Thank you for helping us bring critical dollars to support our important work.  And thank you for reminding us all that when one road is littered with obstacles, there is another one waiting to bring us to the finish line, a celebration with friends, family, and loved ones.

We’re cheering you on and so very grateful!  We invite all of our Sharsheret friends to join us this Sunday at the Team Sharsheret cheering station (located at 92nd and 1st, East side of the street, North and South corners) from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. to cheer on our incredible athletes!



Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Andrew Wigod and Daniel Zeidman

After finishing the 2006 ING NYC Marathon, I knew I would like to do it again one day, but this time for a charity organization. Being able to cross the finish line in 2011 on behalf of Sharsheret, an outstanding national breast cancer and ovarian cancer organization that provides programs and support to the Jewish community, means a great deal to me. The challenges Sharsheret tackles not only affect the program participants, but their families as well. By supporting my run on behalf of Team Sharsheret, together will be able to raise a greater awareness about breast cancer and help support Sharsheret’s programs.

I am thrilled to be competing in my second ING NYC Marathon this fall on November 6th. Throughout my training and on race day I will be thinking about the fighting spirit of the thousands of Jewish women and families supported by Sharsheret. So I am asking for your support and please give generously…..the more you give the harder I will train and the faster I will run to cross the finish line.


About 5 years ago, my 34 year old wife and best friend was struck with breast cancer.  With no family history or known risk factors she and I were shell shocked.  After hearing the words one wishes never to hear, those of a breast cancer diagnosis, while facing the unimaginable, it was the women of Sharsheret who helped my wife.  Especially during those most difficult early days, they embraced her and opened up to her, giving her the strength and courage to make the most difficult and life altering decisions.

As my wife was nearing the end of her own chemotherapy treatment, she began to speak to, and help other young women who had just been diagnosed, adding another link to the chain.  Although it is my hope and prayer that no woman (or man for that matter) should ever receive news of a cancer diagnosis, I was happy that my wife was healthy and strong enough to give to other women the same type of support and wisdom that she had been given.

I realize that until the cure is found and breast and ovarian cancers are obliterated, all we can do is support each other through the difficult journey.  Sharsheret is a way for young women to link together giving strength, courage and support when it is needed most after such a diagnosis.  As a man, the least I can do is run in support of Sharsheret so that these brave women can continue to benefit from the strength, love and guidance which they gain from the bonds of their shared experiences. 

Unfortunately, breast and ovarian cancers are extremely widespread among women today. 

So, please, link up with me to honor your wives, mothers, sisters or friends by sponsoring me as I run on my own 26.2 mile journey through the streets of New York in the ING New York City Marathon on behalf of Sharsheret.

Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Grant Schwartz and Renana Silverman

Running the ING NYC Marathon has been a goal of both mine and Briana’s for many years.  Since we began running long distances we have completed 2 full marathons in Disney World and the Miami ING Half Marathon.  For the last three years we applied for entry slots to the ING NYC Marathon.  For three years in a row, we were not chosen by the lottery  This year,  on our fourth try Briana "won the lottery".  She got a slot in the marathon but I did not.   After years of waiting for a race entry, there was absolutely no way that I was going to let Briana run the ING NYC Marathon without me or give up her ticket in hope that I would get accepted next year.  I had to think of a way to get into the race. 

The opportunity was presented before us before we knew it and in a most meaningful way.  As our friends and family, you all know that Briana has been an active volunteer with her sorority, AEPhi, for the past five years. When AEPhi choose Sharsheret as one of their national philanthropies, it was only natural for Briana to become more involved with Sharsheret.  And if Briana becomes involved in something, I love to be included as well. Together we have walked as part of "Team Sharsheret" in the Komen Miami Race For The Cure for the last three years.  So, of the THOUSANDS of charity groups that had slots for the ING NYC Marathon, we selected to race with Team Sharsheret.

We are very proud and excited to be a part of such a great cause with such great people and can’t wait to hit the streets of NYC one mile at a time. Please support us in our efforts.



I made a commitment to stay fit many years ago. From cardio to personal training, staying fit and working out has become second nature to me and a huge part of my life. I am surrounded by extremely athletic individuals on a daily basis who constantly motivate me to challenge myself. This past year I joined New York Road Runners and have completed various 5K and 10K races. I have always dreamed of participating in the ING NYC Marathon, and so I thought what better time to challenge myself than the present!

Unfortunately, over the past few years, many acquaintances as well as close family friends have been diagnosed with cancer. It has become extremely scary how the list of people affected by this illness seems to constantly grow. Sharsheret is an organization that offers support to women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. They have been there for so many people, and have helped so many families. I am extremely motivated to run my FIRST ING New York City Marathon and am proud to run it on behalf of Team Sharsheret. I am proud to be a member of the Sharsheret family and will run this marathon in honor of those who fought this disease and those who continue to fight, and in memory of loved ones we lost.

Please support me in my efforts to run to the finish line in the ING New York City Marathon!

Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Josh Rozenberg and Mark Segall

Sharsheret is an organization that I believe is has a vital role in the community where I am from (5 Towns), where my wife is from (Upper West Side), and currently where we live (Washington Heights). As someone who knows many people that have or are going through cancer, the importance of having support, I believe is one of the keys to recovery and sustainability. Dealing with cancer is difficult and treatments can even cause more pain. Being part of the close Jewish community where the belief is to support all those that need, Sharsheret answers the calling. However, as known as Sharsheret is, it is vital to have their name and message sent to all those that do not know of  it and those that have heard of it to gain a better understanding of what an unbelievable institution it is. By racing for Sharsheret, I hope to spread the message of Sharsheret by promoting, not myself, but the organization I plan to represent on November 6th.

Recently, I have tried to get in shape to be healthy, for myself and more importantly my family. When the doctor told me that I needed to get in shape I took on training with a friend who is also planning on running the Marathon. Through my training so far, I realized that I am not doing this marathon for myself but for others who depend on me. With that thought, I felt it would be appropriate to ask Sharsheret if I can join their marathon team this year as everything they do is for other people. People depend on them for support and in turn I felt this is the right organization for which to run the ING NYC Marathon.

Please support me in my efforts as I train and fundraise as part of Team Sharsheret.



I am running the ING NYC Marathon as part of Team Sharsheret for a second year in a row in memory of my mother, Joyce Segall, of blessed memory, who courageously fought two cancer battles in her life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her mid-thirties and spent the next 20+ years of her life actively involved in breast cancer awareness and counseling.

I so appreciated the unbelievable outpouring of good wishes and support I received last year, both monetarily and emotionally.  As I am on the cusp of 50, I figured I have at least one last good year left to run for this amazing cause.

I am so grateful for all of your support last year in having helped me make this an unbelievably successful run. Your support has inspired me to do this again this year, and I ask for your indulgence one more time in contributing to the important work that Sharsheret does.


Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Simon Cadranel and Sarah Feit

I’m running to support Sharsheret because it helps supports women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Such a simple concept, but so incredibly valuable: to have someone to talk to about what you are going through, to tell you things you ought to know about the process or to share their experiences with you. How much of a difference does Sharsheret make in people’s lives? All the world.

I have decided to run as part of Team Sharsheret for many reasons. I am running as a tribute to my father, a clinical psychologist, who devoted much of his life to helping children with cancer and in memory of my two Aunts, Judy and Lily, who both passed away recently from cancer. My family and children might need me around in the years to come, so, yes, I am running to get in shape, be healthy and, please G-d, run marathons with potential future grandchildren! Most importantly, though, I am running to help Sharsheret continue its mission to change the face of cancer. No one should have to face breast cancer alone. As Sharsheret strides into its second decade, with your support, no one will have to face ovarian cancer alone either.

Please give a generous donation. Read the Sharsheret website at and learn about how Sharsheret supports women and families. Many thanks in advance.

Hopefully my alarm clock will go off on November 6th and I’ll see you at the finish line!


Unfortunately, everyone has felt the impact of cancer on their lives. That ugly "c" word is one of the greatest health challenges of our time. Since Sharsheret's founding in 2001, women who used to have to face the fight against cancer alone no longer have to face that struggle in solitude. Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young women and their families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Sharsheret has changed the way Jewish women face these challenges. The myriad of supportive programs have helped thousands fight this disease in an environment of love, guidance, and support. Research has shown that the greatest antidote to cancer is a positive outlook. Sharsheret makes that happen. Each time I watch the videos I become instantly inspired by the work of Sharsheret. Please check them out at

Two years ago I chaired a kickboxing fundraiser for Sharsheret, which was very successful in both raising funds as well as awareness. I now want to take the next step. I want to physically give of myself and run for the women who are not yet well enough to run. As I train I often envision myself running alongside the real heroes who battle this disease every day. I truly believe that the burden of this illness belongs on all our shoulders. While some may be fighters and survivors, it is the job of the rest of us to be up lifters, supporters, cheerleaders. My race reflects my commitment in our united fight against cancer. Please join me in that fight by helping me reach my goal to support the wonderful, life changing programming of Sharsheret.

Why Do I Run?

Someone recently asked me if I find running Race for the Cure to be therapeutic.  My immediate answer was, “yes, of course!”  But later, while I was cleaning up from the post-Race party I hosted, and everyone was gone, and my apartment was covered in pink paraphernalia, and I was attempting to take my pink ribbon tattoo off (with nail polish remover - not a good idea), I stopped to think about what makes this day so special to me year after year.

I find the day therapeutic, but much more importantly, I find the day filled with a level of energy that I can palpate with every step I take. It is a day commemorating many people whose lives ended way too early, but it also somehow overflows with hope. Most of all, I find the day inspiring.

As I ran the Race course and struggled along, wondering when, if ever, Mile Marker 2 would appear, I caught a glimpse of a fellow runner wearing a Team Sharsheret t-shirt. I realized the runner was Rochelle Shoretz, Sharsheret’s Founder, the mother of two children, a woman battling breast cancer for a second time. At first I was surprised that she would be running all on her own, she is after all the Founder of this very well-known national organization. She seemed focused, determined, and at peace. I started running alongside her and had the following brief interaction.

Rochelle: “Thank you so much for joining and running with us.”

Me: “The pleasure is all mine. I thank you for bringing us all together.”

Rochelle: “No, it is my honor to be running with you.”

And after that, she sprinted ahead of me, continuing on with that same determination. While watching her run ahead, I realized that we all inspire each other.  She is not running alone at all, but running with each and every one of us. As I ran, I felt a new ignited fire to run for each name that was scribbled on my back.  I was wearing names of women I did not know for friends who couldn't make it to the Race that day to run in their honor.  And of course, I was running for my mother. And with every step I took, I felt her presence, saw her smile, heard her laugh, and remembered her love for life.

And so I wanted to thank my family and  friends for being a part our mission. To those who donated money or raised money, those who helped with the planning or dealt with my crazy nuances, those who stood on the side lines with coffee in hand, those who had to work but were there in spirit, those who pushed wheel chairs, those who walked with bad injuries, and those who ran by side as we huffed and puffed, and encouraged me to the finish line. You are all what makes this day so special, and it is my honor to have you all share this day with me.

See you in 2012!

By: Miriam Kolb of New York City, Team Sharsheret 2011 Member