1,200 Women Talk About Advanced Breast Cancer: Their Thoughts, Our Thoughts

Speaker: Sharsheret’s Founder and Executive Director Rochelle Shoretz

The Embrace group discussed the challenges of living with advanced cancer based on results from the Advanced Breast Cancer Community’s national survey (www.advancedbreastcancer.org).  Reviewing the survey empowered the women who had contributed to the survey and those who were asked for their feedback about the survey results.

The following are additional issues that the group would like to explore on future Embrace teleconferences:

  • Side effects of advanced cancer treatment
  • Impact of treatment on quality of life
  • Financial impacts of living with metastatic cancer
  • Integrative/holistic medicine in the metastatic setting
  • Communicating with your healthcare team about adverse side effects
  • Understanding metastatic breast cancer as a “chronic illness”
  • Coping with emotional and physical fatigue
  • Analyzing your healthcare team
  • Debunking public misconceptions about metastatic breast cancer

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