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Jacob Pool | Sharsheret

Jacob Pool

I am nearly 13 and have an upcoming bar-mitzvah to focus on besides school.  I am devoting my efforts to Sharsheret, an organization  that supports women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer, for my bar-mitzvah project.  My project is in honor of my grandmother, Ruth Wolsztejn, whom I call Baube, a Yiddish name for grandmother.  She was the kindest of the kind, the happiest of the happy, and she was my best playmate from when I was born to when I was 6 years old.  She passed away due to breast cancer, which she had from before I was born.  She lived with it for 18 years.  The last time I saw her was at the hospital, a day before she passed away.  Despite the difficulties of being in so much pain, and knowing that she would die any day, she was always so happy when she saw us.  I am trying to raise awareness for Sharsheret in honor of my Baube, and in order to help other women in need of their assistance.  In addition, I plan to contribute a portion of my Bar-Mitzvah money to the organization.  Alone is hard to do, but with help, almost anything can be accomplished.