Meira Book and Maya Wind


This is our Bat Mitzvah year and we wanted to do a special Chessed project that would be both meaningful and fun.

We both love to dance, and we love to bring Simcha to other people. 

So we decided to host a dance-a-thon to benefit Sharsheret.  Why Sharsheret? Our family friend and neighbor, Rochie Shoretz, is the founder of this important organization.  When Rochie was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she discovered that there was no organization that specifically helped young Jewish women with this terrible illness, so she decided to start one herself.  We can learn from her courageous example and her strength, that when someone is faced with a difficult situation, one doesn’t have to throw up their hands and give up, but can use their skills and talents to make the best of it, and help other people at the same time.

Sharsheret supports young Jewish women with breast cancer, and their families, by giving them help, advice and friendship, to help them get through the difficult time of dealing with their illness.  We were also inspired by Dani Wind, Maya’s sister, who has been raising money for Sharsheret for the past two and a half years, by doing manicures for girls in our neighborhood.

Our goal is to raise $1,800 for this wonderful organization. Gifts to Sharsheret  would be most welcome at

Meira Book and Maya Wind