Packing Your Suitcase: Knowing What You Need For Each Day

Speaker: Sharsheret’s Clinical Supervisor Shera Dubitsky, MEd, MA

When packing for a trip, you may over pack and include things you may need for every contingency.  This can weigh you down.  When “packing” for your journey with cancer, try to only “pack” what is necessary to meet your needs each day.  Don’t weigh yourself down by over packing and planning for every contingency.  Pack your knowledge and research, emotional resources, and logistical support that you will need to help you make decisions or take action for that day.  Tomorrow you get to “repack”.

Often, women second-guess decisions that they have made.  Recognize that you are making responsible decisions based on what you have packed for that day and lessen the burden of second guessing yourself.  You did the best that you could do based on your knowledge and resources in that moment.

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