In Your Words

Hear from the women and families of Sharsheret as they share their feelings about participating in our national programs.

"Sharsheret is an amazing organization which consistently reminds me of how wonderful it is to connect with someone – how good it feels to provide support – and how successful a few passionate and strong women can be."

"Sharsheret provides a very important service to the Jewish community at large. When a woman has no one to talk to or confide in, Sharsheret is there to provide a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a woman who has a shared experience to sympathize with. Keep up this great work!"

"Outstanding, professional, helpful - the first place to call when diagnosed!"

"I deeply appreciated the frequent and regular follow-up through phone, mail, and e-mail contact. In a situation which can be very isolating, I found this contact comforting and extremely helpful."

"Sharsheret was the first positive encounter I had on the long road of breast cancer treatment. It allowed me a stress free way to find out what I truly needed to know."

"My initial contact was very important in helping me navigate the stormy waters I was just thrown into. It was very reassuring to talk to people who understood and could help."

"Through this, I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family for whom I thank G-d daily. Yet no one has been able to still my anxiety like the people at Sharsheret who have been through this themselves."

"If corporate America operated with the same level of care, concern, timeliness, and quality, we would be a very prosperous country indeed!"

"Tomorrow is my first chemotherapy session, and I am facing it with far more confidence than I could have imagined before Sharsheret."

"Participating in Sharsheret has changed my life and opened me up to meeting some courageous and incredible women! I'm so thankful to Sharsheret."