Colored Beads of Sharsheret

I arrived at Sharsheret for my first day of work, ready and willing to embrace my inevitable role as coffee-delivery girl, file organizer, data enterer, and performer of all such tasks typically delegated to the summer intern. However, as I dived into spreadsheets and media archives, a world began to unfurl before me. Now on the inside, I learned about navigating the inner-workings of a professionally run non-profit organization, while never losing sight of the target audience--the women we try our best to serve.  I witnessed daily the fierce power, fueled by Rochelle’s first brave initiative, of our network of women, staff, donors, and volunteers. Sharsheret’s beauty is in its “chain,” formed not by uniform links, but by thousands of diversely colored beads thoughtfully threaded together. Our dedicated staff cares passionately for women of all Jewish affiliations, stages of cancer diagnosis, and phases of life by offering cutting-edge support tailored to the individual needs of each woman, always deeply sensitive to the reality of living with a serious illness. Our mission is contagious, permeating the cubicles of Suite 2G on Teaneck Road to reach women and organizations nationwide.

Although my tasks consisted mainly of data entry, fundraising, filing, and research, I was privileged to interact with every member of the staff, each offering a particular skills-set and area of expertise.  At the annual retreat, I spent time with the team outside of work and enjoyed a front-row seat as they outlined their vision for the organization’s future. Powered by the commitment of a personally-founded non-profit and directed with the efficiency and strategy of Corporate America, Sharsheret holds a unique place amongst the many organizations in the Jewish and cancer communities. I am so thankful to the women and men of Sharsheret, both inside of the office and out, for the excellent learning opportunity and urgent call to action that will stay with me long after the leaves begin to fall.

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