James Heisler

For as long as I can remember, at home and in school, I have learned and have been taught the important role of chesed (acts of kindness) in a person’s life.  As I become a Bar-Mitzvah, I am ready to take the responsibilities of doing my own mitzvot and have decided to do a chesed project.

My mother, Sharon Sokol Heisler z”l died of breast cancer when I was three years old and sadly is not here today to see me become a Bar Mitzvah.  A way that I found to bring my mother’s memory into this celebration is not only to do a chesed project in honor of my Bar Mitzvah, but also in memory of my Mom.

I have chosen to collect Tzedakah for Sharsheret. Please consider giving a donation, huge or small as every amount will help Sharsheret continue programs that are so important to many families.

Thank you very much for helping me in performing this act of chesed! - I am also planning on giving a portion of my gifts to benefit Sharsheret.