Breast Cancer And Ovarian Cancer Survivors

Whether you were diagnosed 10 weeks ago, 10 months ago, 10 years ago, we offer resources and support to help you navigate your entire survivorship journey.

Order Your Free Survivorship Kit

Learn more about survivorship, create your personalized survivorship care plan, and customize your free survivorship kit.  Each kit includes tailored resources that speak to your unique needs, a survivorship care plan with instructions on how to complete it with your medical team, your choice of fitness DVD, and healthy living cookbook.

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Speak With Other Survivors

Speak with other women living with cancer who share your experience in our national peer support network.  Our confidential “Links” connect over the phone and through e-mail, and offer invaluable friendship and support.  Meet other women living with cancer and hear their stories in this video.

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Join Our Peer Support Network

Share your experience with those newly diagnosed with cancer by becoming a Sharsheret “Link”, a peer supporter, and enjoy the rewarding experience of supporting other women across the country.  You can empower women newly diagnosed with or at risk of developing cancer with the knowledge they need to understand their options.  Our confidential “Links” connect over the phone and through email, and offer invaluable friendship and support.  Meet other Sharsheret peer supporters and hear their stories in this video.

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Speak With Our Genetic Counselor

Speak one-on-one with our certified genetic counselor about your family history, concerns about cancer risk, and the implications of genetic counseling for you and your family. 

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Find Support for Caregivers, Family, and Friends

Request free caregiver information packets that we can send to you or someone you know.  We also offer a phone line for adult family members and caregivers to connect with our staff who will guide them through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

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Teleconferences And Seminars

Join our teleconferences and seminars online or by telephone and stay informed by experts in the cancer and Jewish communities.

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Resource Booklets

Read Sharsheret’s Educational Resource Booklet Series, culturally-relevant publications for Jewish women, their families, and health care professionals.  Booklets in the series include:

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