Living with Ovarian Cancer

Living with any cancer can be challenging, but for young Jewish women facing ovarian cancer, it can feel like a lonely journey.  We are a community of support and offer a specialized ovarian cancer program tailored to your needs.

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Speak With Other Young Women Living With Ovarian Cancer

Speak with other young women living with ovarian cancer who share your experience in our national peer support network.  Our confidential “Links” connect over the phone and through e-mail, and offer invaluable friendship and support.  Meet other young women living with ovarian cancer and hear their stories in this video.

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Speak With Our Genetic Counselor

Speak one-on-one with our certified genetic counselor about your family history, concerns about cancer risk, and the implications of genetic counseling for you and your family. 

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Learn How To Guide Your Children Through The Cancer Journey

Learn how to guide your children through the cancer journey with the Sharsheret Busy Box. Each Busy Box includes resource materials and a video to educate parents about the impact of cancer on children.  The Busy Box also features a starter kit of games and activities to occupy your children while you are at the doctor or resting after treatment.

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Find Support For Caregivers, Family, And Friends

Request free caregiver information packets that we can send to you or someone you know.  We also offer a phone line for adult family members and caregivers to connect with our staff who will guide them through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

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Learn How To Address The Cosmetic Side Effects Of Treatment

Learn how to address the cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments with our Best Face Forward Kit. The kit includes make-up products for all skin tones, easy-to-follow make-up application instructions, and tips for those facing hair loss. 

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Teleconferences And Seminars

Join our teleconferences and seminars online or by telephone and stay informed by experts in the cancer and Jewish communities.

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Resource Booklets

Read Sharsheret’s Educational Resource Booklet Series, culturally-relevant publications for Jewish women, their families, and health care professionals.  Booklets in the series include:

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Signs, Symptoms, and Screening

Ovarian Cancer Signs and Symptoms
Ovarian Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Today there is ongoing research to identify consistently-reliable screening tests to detect ovarian cancer. All medical questions and concerns about ovarian health and screening should be discussed with a health care professional.

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