Press Release

Young Vocalist Releases Album to Benefit Jewish Women Facing Breast Cancer

Hackensack, New Jersey (July 13, 2005) — Riverdale-based vocalist Suffy Rudman has released her debut album, “Believe,” a collection of songs “for women, by women, in support of women.” All proceeds will benefit Sharsheret, a national non-profit organization supporting young Jewish women facing breast cancer.

Sharsheret, Hebrew for chain, provides support and resources for young Jewish women facing breast cancer through a peer support network connecting young women newly diagnosed or at high risk of developing breast cancer with others who share similar diagnoses and experiences. After attending a Sharsheret luncheon with a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and who serves as a Sharsheret Board Member, Ms. Rudman was inspired by the women of Sharsheret and their ability to help other women while simultaneously dealing with their own illness. “Women who were sick themselves just picked themselves up and continued giving,” she says.

With a passion for music dating back to her childhood, Ms. Rudman realized that she could utilize her talents to benefit Sharsheret. “Not everyone can do what the women of Sharsheret do for each other, but if you’re inspired, everyone can contribute in their own way,” she says.

The 32-year old vocalist and mother of three channeled her talents and spent eight months putting in long hours at the recording studio, in addition to raising funds to support her endeavor. The end result is her new album, “Believe,” which offers a collection of songs meant to uplift and inspire the women who listen to them. “I think music has a tremendous power to heal,” Ms. Rudman reflects. “By listening to the music, the women of Sharsheret can find comfort and feel like they’re not alone in what they’re going through.”

“Sharsheret is grateful for Ms. Rudman’s creative support,” says Executive Director, Rochelle Shoretz. “This talented artist has enhanced our national efforts with music. She is an extraordinary example of the unique ways in which healthy women can perpetuate the Sharsheret, the chain, that is already bettering the lives of Jewish women facing breast cancer across the country.”

Ms. Rudman dedicated much of her time to song selection, ensuring that each song accurately reflects the positive message she is trying to communicate to her listeners. “Music touches me like nothing else can and I want to share that with other women,” she says. “If it can inspire people like I was inspired by the women of Sharsheret, then this album will accomplish my goal.”

Based on the album’s sales, listeners must be inspired. According to Ms. Rudman, Sameach Music originally distributed 1,000 copies of “Believe” to Jewish music stores and websites. They distributed another 1,000 copies after the original ones sold out. “Believe” is even the talk of many internet bloggers who have described the album as “extremely professionally done…The lead vocalist, Suffy Rudman, has an exquisite voice…Definitely worth a listen, especially as your purchase goes towards such a worthy cause.”

The album’s proceeds will help support the important programs developed by Sharsheret to meet the needs of younger women facing breast cancer. Such programs include the Busy Box, which provides resources for parents facing breast cancer as well as toys and games to occupy young children while mom is at a medical appointment or resting after treatment, the Best Face Forward kit to address the cosmetic side effects of breast cancer, and Education and Outreach Programs, which include health care symposia addressing subjects such as fertility, genetics, and breast cancer survivorship.

“Believe” can be purchased at local Judaica stores nationwide and on the web at For more information about Sharsheret’s programs and events, please visit, or call toll-free (866) 474-2774.