Sharsheret’s Best Face Forward 2.0 Financial Subsidy Program

Sharsheret’s Best Face Forward 2.0 Financial Subsidy Program

Over the course of 2022, Sharsheret has distributed $446,000 in financial subsidies to improve the quality of life for 482 women struggling physically, emotionally, and financially because of their cancer surgery and treatment. Sharsheret’s Best Face Forward 2.0 Financial Subsidy Program offers financial assistance for women for specific services that insurance does not usually cover including scalp cooling, a wig, eyebrow tattooing, 3D nipple tattooing, and certain cancer specific yoga classes.

The main qualification to qualify to receive services through Sharsheret’s Best Face Forward 2.0 Program is from a financial standpoint, along with a diagnosis of either breast cancer or ovarian cancer, the household income must be under 600% of the federal poverty line. At Sharsheret, we strive to be able to assist as many women as possible during this hardship. The opportunity for a woman to receive financial assistance for these services is life changing. I’ve received so much feedback from women that decreasing the amount of hair they could lose from chemo, a wig, having new eyebrows, or nipples has impacted their mental health tremendously in a positive way.

Scalp cooling is a process used to decrease the likelihood of losing hair during chemo. When someone goes for chemo, they sit with a cap tightly on their head that essentially circulates freezing cold fluid through the cap to freeze hair follicles which will help the person not lose their hair. It is not always an easy process but the changes on the outside of someone’s body from treatment tremendously affect their mental health. Hair is a very important part of someone’s identity and how they see themselves. Losing part of who they are on the outside affects how they feel on the inside. Women have told me “Scalp cooling is a lot but it’s saving my hair. We cold cap for 9 hours each time, it’s a lot. But for now I have like 90% of my hair which is great.” Another woman who utilized cold capping mentioned “Cooling cap is working great! I’ve only lost very minimal hair, just normal shedding it seems like to me. I am sooooo happy with it!” There are different scalp cooling system companies, and it can cost a person upwards of $2,000 total. With the help of Sharsheret’s BFF 2.0 Program, the woman can be reimbursed up to $1,750 in order to help with this financial burden. If you or someone you know is interested in these services, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 866-474-2774.

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