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Find inspiration, hope, support, and critical information in these stories featuring the women and families in our chain – the faces of Sharsheret. Hear more Sharsheret stories by connecting with a peer supporter, someone who shares a similar story to you.

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Second Letter to the Newly Diagnosed (Day +1) And the people who love you…putting together the team

Dear A, You made it through the night. Perhaps you couldn’t sleep, but I hope you did. This is…

Leaving a Legacy of Decreased Lifetime Cancer Risk

I was newly married when I learned about my BRCA1 mutation, after my mother’s Ovarian Cancer…

What does it mean if my breast cancer is HER2 positive?

HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) is a protein present in normal cells that helps to…

Sharsheret Made Sure I Didn’t Go Through Ovarian Cancer Alone

Looking back, there were other symptoms. But it was severe abdominal pain that had me rushing…

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