Mitch Dayan

Mitch Dayan, Partner, co-founded AMG Realty Group with Adam Glickman in 2013. Prior to his real estate career, Mitch was involved in his family retail business, Dayans Department Store. Mitch took over the ownership of the store in 1987 and owned it until selling it in 2004. Mitch is an extremely active member of the Chicagoland community and has held multiple leadership roles. He served as President of Belmont Central Chamber of Commerce from 1982-2003, Commissioner of Special Service Area #2 for Chicago from 1984-2004 and President and Chairman of the board of Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation from 2000-2003. Mitch also served on the committee for ICJA Athletic from1999-2008 and coach for Ida Crown Jewish Academy wrestling from 1999-2008. In 2012, Mitch received the Crown Leadership Award for being an active leader in Ida Crown Jewish Academy. His wife Bonnie died from metastatic (liver) breast cancer in 2007 after a 16 year battle. He married Elizabeth Richman in 2009. They have 5 Children (all married) and 16 grandchildren.