Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Natie Fox and Tiffany Diamond Lebowitz

Meet our Team Sharsheret ING NYC Marathon Athletes: Natie Fox and Tiffany Diamond Lebowitz

It is very meaningful to me to run in support of Sharsheret.  Like most people, I have family and friends who are survivors of breast cancer, and others who unfortunately did not survive.  I have seen the tremendous struggle these brave and strong women went through and go through every day.  I also have the unique position of being a women’s health care provider (Maternal-Fetal Medicine, aka high-risk OBGYN) and I have cared for many pregnant women who are survivors of breast cancer as well as women newly diagnosed during pregnancy.  The challenges they face are indescribable.  I know very well, however, that in order to work through the diagnosis, the medical treatments and support need to be coupled with outstanding social and spiritual support, which is where Sharsheret excels.  Whatever difficulties I face with my training pale in comparison to those experienced by women in need of Sharsheret’s support, and I just hope that through my training I can make a small contribution to the Sharsheret team effort.

One may wonder why would a busy high-risk obstetrician and father of four ever train for his first marathon?  I honestly have no clue myself, but here we go. My wife, Michal, is also running the marathon for the first time this year.  She is my inspiration. So game on!! 


Ever since I moved to the New York area (and subsequently New Jersey), I have become familiar with the tremendous void that Sharsheret has managed to fill for Jewish women and their families, of all backgrounds, facing breast cancer. I, personally have known women that have faced breast cancer or are at high risk for breast cancer. Their emotional and physical needs were met by all that this organization has to offer. Sharsheret’s multipurpose, personalized approach, is designed to guide and empower women of all ages to face their illness head-on. Through Sharsheret’s unique “peer support network”, deep friendships have been fostered, and medical resources have been shared.

I have NEVER run a marathon in my life! I will train with discipline and perseverance (and hopefully cross the finish line before nightfall), knowing that I am running for a cause I truly believe in. Please help me achieve this personal goal to cross the finish line, while supporting Sharsheret’s goal to provide continuous support and guidance to women and their families facing breast cancer!